Adm. Konstantinos G. Katagas is a retired Vice Admiral of the Hellenic Navy which he served for 41 years. Born in Neapolis Laconias in 1934, he entered Hellenic Navy Academy in 1952. At his junior ranks he served as line officer aboard Destroyers and later as Lieutenant Commander and at the rank of Captain as Commandant of Destroyers’ Division. At his higher ranks of Commodore, Rear and Vice Admiral he commanded the Destroyers Command, the Hellenic Navy Academy, the Hellenic Naval War College, the Naval Base of Salamis and the Logistics Command of the Hellenic Navy.

He studied in the UK receiving his specialization in Naval Communications, in the Hellenic Navy War College, and in the US Naval War College receiving his Masters’ degree in Strategy, Management and Naval Operations. He participated in the movement of the Naval Officers against the dictatorship in Greece, was taken in prison at their Military Police, removed from service together with his colleagues and was brought in active duties after the political change which restored the Democratic institutions in Greece at 1974. At the rank of Captain he was appointed to Holland as CO of the Hellenic Navy Detachment for the construction and receipt of the new Frigates of Hellenic Navy HS ELLI and HS LEMNOS. After his retirement, he was called to active duties and composed and edited the “Hellenic Navy Regulations”.

He has published texts and presented lectures in Maritime History, Literature and Poetry in various periodicals and the Press Editor for three years of the magazine of the Maritime Museum of Greece and for six years of the magazine of Foundation “Maria Tsakos”. He is the author of the books “The Sailors’ sack” poetry, “From the Sun to Thucydides” poetry and “Homeric Maritime Matters”. He is a member of the Union of Greek Writers.

He has been a Member of the Scientific Council of the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation since 2012.

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