Maria’s Home

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  • February 8, 2013

In 2010, Captain Panagiotis Tsakos decided to create an educational establishment, carrying his fondly remembered daughter’s wish and vision into effect. Thus, “Maria’s Home – Education and Culture Campus” was founded with the purpose of fostering youngsters. This educational project, initiated in 2013 by the “Maria Tsakos” Foundation, involves the creation of a student boarding home in Kardamyla, a maritime village of Chios Island and place of origin of the Tsakos family.

Students are provided with room and board, while attending the “Livanos High School” in the village. The project not only enables qualified students to receive much-needed help, but also ensures that the “Livanos High School” continue to function and offer public education.

During this first year of its operation, “Maria’s Home” hosts nineteen children from Chios as well as from other parts of Greece, who, although they have great potential and willingness to be educated, their families could not financially support their basic and academic studies.

“Maria’s Home” is managed by a multi-disciplinary team, highly experienced in educational and upbringing matters. It is supported by educational counselors, psychologists and social workers and it operates under a comprehensive regulation plan. Outmost care has been taken for the well being of the students and for fulfilling their needs. 

“Maria’s Home” aims to become a modern and high level social, educational and cultural center integrated into the society of Kardamyla.

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